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Her World Singapore: Science-Forward Skincare Brands To Know About

Skincare is serious business. Along with increasingly savvy consumers and the rise of scientific beauty vloggers (such as cosmetic formulator Stephen Alain Ko aka @kindofstephen, chemistry PhD graduate Michelle Wong aka @labmuffinbeautyscience, and Singapore makeup artist and cosmetic science graduate Larry Yeo aka @larryyeo), we just want to be thoroughly informed about what goes into our skincare products.

Science has never gone out of fashion

Prof Augustinus Bader, one of the world’s leading stem cell and biomedical scientists, and founder of Augustinus Bader skincare, says scientific knowledge allows brands create better and safer products. “It’s not about how the skin looks; it’s about how the skin works – beautiful skin is a reflection of health.”

For instance, Prof Bader’s expertise led to the creation of the brand’s proprietary Trigger Factor Complex (TFC8), which works with the skin’s own intrinsic repair needs. It contains the building blocks of amino acids, vitamins and synthesised molecules in an exact concentration and combination found in healthy young skin. ” It functions like a GPS by utilising a novel transporting mechanism to navigate and deliver a complex of nutrient compounds to a specific location in the cellular micro-environment,” he explains. And when this happens, he says that you can “enable the body to fix your skin according to your own needs”.

It’s one of the reasons why Augustinus Bader products are so effective and count celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Naomi Campbell and Margot Robbie as loyal fans.

5 science-forward skincare brands to know

Dubbed “smarter skincare”, the range, which started with the cult fave The Cream, is about skincare intelligence custom-built to fit every user. It uses the skin as a “natural bioreactor… [so that] formulas are naturally personalised, allowing for the flexibility to address everything from the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to redness and elasticity,” says Prof Augustinus Bader. This approach, he says, is able to achieve the best possible result for each person.


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